A few reminders for this week July 11 to July 17, 2022

Summer Sermons: Paul’s letter to the Colossians
Of Jesus Christ the Apostle Paul writes, “in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell.” In this sentence the word God (as in ‘fullness of God’) does not appear—it is added for clarification because the context implies that God is the subject of the sentence. Literally, the sentence reads, ‘in him all the fullness was pleased to dwell.’ The question theologians probe is why does Paul emphasize fullness in speaking of Jesus. It would appear that the effect of the philosophy and human traditions Paul warns Colossian believers not to be taken captive by (Colossians 2:8) have the effect of denigrating or reducing the importance of Jesus Christ in their lives. In some measure, Paul means that in Christ we find such fullness for life that these other philosophies could never deliver. In other words, you will find everything you need in relationship with him.
Central United Church welcomes you to our Worship Service Sunday morning at 10:00 am and we would love to have you join us. We rejoice that we can worship together and give thanks, offering prayer and lifting our voices in song.
Sunday services will also still be available to watch via livestreaming at 10:00 am through the Church website. To watch live or view a recording later, go to the Church website, scroll down and click on Central United’s Live Stream Page or click here. A copy of the bulletin for this Sunday’s Service is attached here.
This Sunday’s Scripture readings are Amos 8:1-12, Colossians 1:15-23 and Luke 10:38-42. You can also find a daily scripture message at the top of our website.
We are still looking for volunteers to assist in counting and recording the weekly collections and making the bank deposits. This activity doesn’t take much time and with more volunteers, even less time for each volunteer. Please contact Lindsay Duffield with your interest. We’re “counting” on you!
Our church has always generously supported the ‘Children’s Aid Society’ through Heather Keeling’s “Stuff a Duffel” outreach projects. Hannah Cheung who supplied bags at cost to these projects from her company, ‘Honta Trading International Inc.’ wishes to donate 29 backpacks, 25 gym bags and 4 lunch bags to the Children’s Aid Society. It is a wonderful gift that she is giving to children living in our society who are in need, and we the church have the opportunity to add school supplies & personal care items to the bags before they are delivered.
Please contact Éilis Wu, message (416) 889-6742 or email eilisannwu@gmail.com ASAP if you have items you would like to donate. Pretend you are buying for your favorite grandchildren! Or better still, take your grandchildren with you and explain to them that in our affluent society there are many children less fortunate than they are and we are the hands of God to help those children.
Please come and join the Thursday prayer meeting tonight at 7:00 pm. After the prayer time we have some time for fellowship to allow us to catch up with each other a little. The meeting is held using the Zoom technology. Please join 10 minutes before the 7:00 PM start time.
Here are the details for those that wish to participate:
Access to Join Zoom Meeting from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone
  1. Copy this address into your web browser https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8925458525 or click here
  2. If you are joining with the Zoom App the Meeting ID is: 892 545 8525 (Note that you can also download the Zoom Application and use the Meeting ID to join)
Quick access by phone:
  1. Call: 647 374-4685
  2. When prompted press: 892 545 8525 #
  3. Then when prompted again press: # to enter the call
Donations for the work of Central United Church can be made online.
  • You can donate to Central United by clicking here:
  • You can continue to specify how you want your donation to be allocated by either selecting the appropriate category on the website or by typing in your choice in the MESSAGE box.
  • Donation receipts will be issued directly by Canada Helps, so there is no need to include your envelope number.
  • If you have any questions, email finance@centralunitedchurch.com.
In addition to the online donation option, your church offerings can also be mailed to the church.
Should you become aware of any illness, bereavement, hospitalization, etc., among people of our church, please notify the church office as soon as possible.
If you would like to book a pastoral visit, please contact Rev. Clubine at the church office 905.474.0183 or mobile office 416.358.4924 or by email jclubine@centralunitedchurch.com.

If you are interested in reading ahead a little, below are the readings for next week.

July 24th, 2022
Hosea 1:2-10
Psalm 85
Colossians 1:24 – 2:5
Luke 10:38-42