Minister of Worship, Pastoral Care, and Spiritual Development

Position Summary

Central United Church, Unionville, is seeking a dedicated Minister of Worship, Pastoral Care, and Spiritual Development who will provide visionary leadership and support in alignment with the church’s mission, goals, and priorities. This full-time position (40 hours per week) requires a compassionate and engaging leader to guide and strengthen our faith community as we move forward to achieve the goals of our 2023 Strategic Plan.


1) Worship (Approx. 40%)

The Minister will have primary responsibility for leading worship services and celebrating sacraments. Key duties include:

  • Worship Planning:
    • Collaborate with the Worship Committee and the Director of Music Ministry to plan the overall format, content, and direction of worship services.
    • Ensure worship themes align with the church’s vision and mission.
  • Sunday Worship Services:
    • Lead Sunday worship services, delivering Biblically-based sermons that engage, inspire, and challenge the congregation to grow spiritually.
    • Celebrate the sacraments and conduct ceremonies for confirmation, profession of faith, and re-affirmation of faith.
  • Children and Youth Engagement:
    • Collaborate with the Leader of Christian Education to deliver a short, children/youth-centric message during worship.
    • Review the Sunday School program to coordinate worship themes with educational activities.
  • Lay Leadership:
    • Encourage and promote lay involvement and leadership in worship services.
    • Occasionally include services led by lay leaders, visiting preachers, and speakers.

2) Pastoral Care and Spiritual Development (Approx. 20%)

The Minister will lead and manage a comprehensive program of pastoral and spiritual care:

  • Crisis and Non-Crisis Care:
    • Provide compassionate care, visitation, and follow-up with inactive congregants.
    • Collaborate with the Lay Pastoral Visitation Team.
    • Maintain regularly scheduled office hours, as duties permit.
  • Spiritual Growth:
    • Facilitate personal spiritual growth programs, including events outside the church (e.g. Alpha retreats, and conferences).
    • Support committees in welcoming and orienting new members.
    • Mentor marriage preparation and baptism course participants.
    • Encourage active membership in the congregation.
  • Funerals and Grief Care:
    • Conduct funerals and offer grief support.

3) Administration (Approx. 16%)

The Minister will provide leadership, guidance, and support to empower staff, committees, volunteers, and the congregation:

  • Church Policies and Procedures:
    • Uphold all church policies, guidelines, and procedures.
    • Facilitate effective administration by others within their mandates.
  • Collaborative Staff Team:
    • Build a collaborative staff team system for day-to-day mutual support, communication, and cooperation.
    • Establish planning, coordination, and monitoring processes.
  • Strategic Plan Implementation:
    • Encourage and support the congregation in achieving the 2023 Strategic Plan goals.
  • Church Governance:
    • Uphold bylaws, higher court policies, and ethical standards.
  • Advisory Role:
    • Serve as an ex-officio member of all Church Council and committees (except the Ministry and Personnel Committee).

 4) Outreach (Approx. 6%)

The Minister will actively engage in local outreach initiatives, fostering connections beyond the church walls:

  • Local Representation:
    • Represent the congregation in local ecumenical opportunities.
    • Extend pastoral care to individuals who seek support from the church.
  • Collaboration:
    • Work closely with the Congregation, the Leader of Christian Education, the Strategic Plans Coordinator, and the Outreach Committee on outreach projects and programs.

5) Training and Education (Approx. 6%)

The Minister will contribute to the growth and equipping of the congregation:

  • Teaching Resources:
    • Assist in developing and selecting teaching resources for Christian education.
  • Lay Leadership Training:
    • Actively participate in training lay Congregation leaders and lay ministers.
  • Spiritual Guidance:
    • Provide spiritual guidance for education programs across all age groups.

6) Regional Council (Approx. 4%)

The Minister will serve as an official representative of the Congregation in broader church contexts:

  • Wider Church Participation:
    • Engage in the courts and committees of the wider church.

7) Personal, Spiritual, and Professional Development (Approx. 8%)

Central United Church encourages ongoing growth and nurture for ministry personnel:

  • Annual Goals:
    • Develop a statement of personal goals and objectives annually.
    • Allocate time for personal spiritual nurturing and professional development in alignment with United Church of Canada policies and allowances.

Ideal candidates for the role of Christian minister should possess a blend of the following qualifications and attributes:


  1. Ordination:
    • Ordained/Commissioned Minister: Candidates should hold ordination in the United Church of Canada or an accepted equivalent.
  2. Preaching and Leadership:
    • Strong Preacher and Leader: The minister should be strong in both preaching and leadership. Their ability to connect Christian faith with the complexities of today’s world is crucial.
    • Variety of Approaches: Able to adapt their communication style to reach diverse audiences.
  3. Relational Skills:
    • Relationship Builder: Building strong relationships within the congregation and beyond is essential. The minister should foster trust and collaboration.
    • Collaborative Planning: Ability to work collaboratively with staff and laypeople in planning and executing ministry initiatives.
  4. Liturgical Sensitivity:
    • Flexibility and Sensitivity: Demonstrates openness to different congregational preferences and opinions regarding liturgical practices. Balancing traditional and contemporary approaches is key.
  5. Congregational Engagement:
    • All-Age Interaction: The minister should engage effectively with members of all ages, from children to seniors.
    • Cultural Awareness: Appreciation for diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds within the congregation.
  6. Governance Knowledge:
    • United Church of Canada Systems: Knowledgeable of the governance models and systems specific to the United Church of Canada.
  7. Growth Mindset:
    • Congregational Growth: Experience or willingness to contribute to congregational growth. This includes attracting and engaging various ages and ethnic groups.

Personal Skills and Attributes

Successful candidates will exhibit a combination of the following skills and attributes:

  1. Communication Skills:
    • Effective Communication: Strong oral and written communication skills are essential for preaching, teaching, and pastoral care.
  2. Compassion and Empathy:
    • Pastoral Sensitivity: Demonstrates genuine care and empathy for individuals during times of joy, sorrow, and crisis.
  3. Motivational Leadership:
    • Inspiring Fellow Staff and Volunteers: The minister should motivate and uplift colleagues, encouraging them in their roles.
  4. Inclusive Leadership:
    • Building Consensus: An inclusive approach to leadership involves building relationships, delegating appropriately, and sharing leadership responsibilities.
    • Relational Skills: Relates well to others, fostering a sense of community.
  5. Theological Thought Leadership:
    • Deep Understanding: Strong theological grounding allows the minister to translate complex concepts and inspire individuals at various levels of Biblical and theological knowledge.

Equity Commitment

Central United Church embraces the rich diversity and unique talents within the Body of Christ. In our pursuit to fill the current vacancy, we are dedicated to selecting a candidate whose abilities and contributions align with the requirements outlined in the Position Description.

We pledge to provide reasonable accommodations upon request, following the provisions of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), ensuring an inclusive and accessible selection process for all.

Candidates wishing to seek more information or submit a resume may do so by emailing

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