Central Kids in the SON

Welcome to CUC Kids in the SON
For the next 9 weeks, Central United Church will offer Bible stories and activities for children using RightNow Media. The sessions will feature a video followed by some activities for you to do throughout the week. If you have yet to enroll for RightNow Media, send Sharlene an email at admin@centralunitedchurch.com with RightNow Media in the subject line and she will set you up. We would love to see your drawings and stories; you can email them to admin@centralunitedchurch.com; we will post them (with permission) on the church website. To access permission slip click here.
We encourage you to read the Bible passage before watching the video. The Bible story for the week will be sent out each Thursday. If you wish to send material to be posted on the website, please return the signed permission slip by email to Sharlene at admin@centralunitedchurch.com. Grandparents, we encourage you to share this series with your grandchildren (with parent’s or guardian’s permission).
We begin with God’ s creation of the world and everything in it, including us. (Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:25). In the weekly email each Thursday you will be instructed on how to navigate to the video through RightNow Media starting this Thursday with our first Video.
During the week, go for a walk or a scavenger hunt wherever you are. Search for 5 things that only God could have made. You can write a story, a poem or draw a picture of the things that you discovered. If you wish, we will post them on the church website.
Prayer for the week:
Dear God,
We thank you for all the beautiful things you have created in our world.
We thank you for making us human beings and all the creatures around us. Help us God, this week and every week to take care of your creation.
May we be kind to all of your people, care for the environment including your land, your animals, birds and fish.
We pray in Jesus name,