News for the Week of January 22, 2017

Here are your weekly announcements as of January 22nd! Please read these to remain informed about life here at Central United. A couple of highlights:

1. Next Sunday, January 29th will feature a soup lunch after our worship service followed by our Annual General Meeting. We are looking for a few more volunteers to make a pot of soup – so please let us know if you can help out in this way.

2. In preparation for the AGM, please download a copy of our Annual Report for 2016. Please review this report as well as the proposed constitution (sent to you last week) in advance of the meeting. Some paper copies of both documents are also available at the church.

Here is a reminder for those on duty for Sunday. We thank all of you for your service to your church:

Worship Host: Bruce Wilson
Greeters: Liz & Garth Dynes
Worship Visuals: Serag Gadelrab
Lay Worship Leader: Marjorie Wetmore
Gospel Reader: Lynn Turner
Sunday School Leader: Mark & Pat Ono
Coffee Hosts: Choir

If you find you are not able to fulfil your duties, please arrange with another church member to fill your spot.

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Sally Sandiford