News for the Week of November 25, 2012

This Sunday there is a coffee time scheduled between our morning worship services—we are celebrating the completion of our six-week small group study We Are Better Together.  There are two additional announcements below from two of the small groups.

Monday AM Small Group
Looking for a hostess gift?  Something for the person who has everything?   A gift for a teacher or a coach?    Or someone special?   From the Monday AM Small Group, here’s a gift suggestion that gives to others in a few ways.   They have assembled and will sell special gift bags on Sunday for $20 each.   Each gift bag contains a Christmas Tree ornament and a message to the recipient – to hang the ornament on their Christmas Tree, as it symbolizes that a local family who relies on the Food Bank for food, will enjoy a turkey with their upcoming Christmas Dinner.   The helping others theme also continues as the Christmas Tree ornament was bought from Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade organization, who purchased the ornament from an artisan in a developing country.    Each gift bag sells for $20 and the purchaser will receive a $20 tax receipt from the Food Bank.   A total of 100 gift bags have been assembled and will be for sale on Sunday morning.   Please think of your gift giving list and who you can buy one of these special gift bags for.

Thursday Small group project  – French bibles for Kristin Derry in Haiti
As you know Kristin is working in Haiti until February, teaching teachers how to teach in French.  She is working with an outreach company called ‘Havserve.’ If you would like to see a video about her work go to  Haiti tops the list in the world, for worst place to be student. The school is one room, the walls are not completed and there is no roof.  There are 40 students from preschool to grade 5.  All the teachers are volunteers, and since they are not paid it is hard to attract good teachers. She told her Mum, Tiina, that what she wants most is bibles in French. Elaine Hawkins works with the bible society, and she has found out that the bibles that Kristin wishes for are about $31 including shipping each.  If you would like to give a few dollars to this project please put the donation in your church envelope, and write project bibles to Haiti on it. Many thanks in anticipation.

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Every blessing,

Rev. Dr. James Clubine