Small Group Studies

Life is not meant to be lived alone. God created us for community.

Small groups are …

This year, Central is offering a study that runs church-wide for 8 weeks. Everyone is encouraged to join a small group. The Sunday sermon will support the message in the study of the following week.

The Fall study for 2023 is The Bible Course. Some people find the Bible difficult to understand, it seems to be just too big, complicated, and old.  The course provides a birds-eye view of the world’s bestselling book. This course will increase your confidence, equip you to read the Bible better, and help you to see its relevance to daily life.   

This serieshelps you see how the books of the Bible are part of one big story. Using a unique storyline, The Bible Course will show you how key events, books and characters fit together. The study uses video teaching, written guides, diagrams and readings. The groups provide opportunity for review and discussion.

This study will begin the week of October 9, and run for eight weeks through the week of November 27th. Each group meeting will involve the following: a 15-minute video, discussion, a second video, and an ending reflection. During the week, you can read the related Guide material which includes daily Bible readings, great visuals, and helpful questions.

If you’re interested in joining a group, please sign up on one of our lists.

Sign up in the main entrance room (the Narthex) at Central for all in-person groups.

Sign up below for the online group.